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For: 14,000 – 30,000 lb. Machinery

In a wolf pack, the alpha male is king. The one who does all of the work, with the most wind in his face, and breaks the trail for his followers. Hence, the Alpha Series Snow Plow – the biggest, meanest SnowWolf yet.

ALPHAPLOW 14,000-30,000LB.
Model Number Alpha-10.0 Alpha-12.0
Blade Width 10′ 12′
Blade Width at Full Angle 98.3″ 118″
Blade Height 38″ 38″
Weight (lbs.) (actual-not ship weight) 1,920 2,217
Moldboard Gauge 10 ga. 10 ga.
Trip Spring 8 Ext 8 Ext
Wear Shoes N/A N/A
Cutting Edge 3/4″ x 8″
Angle Rams 2″ x 13″ Double Acting, Nitro Steel Cylinder
Vertical Ribs 8 10
Moldboard Radius 19″ 19″
Full Down Pressure Floating / Full
Universal Skid Steer Compatible N/A N/A
Cross Over Relief Valve Std. Std.
SoftTouch™ Cutting Edge Opt. Opt.
UltraMAX HD Cylinder Kit N/A N/A
High Carbon Curb Guards N/A N/A


Image Part Number Description
MT100 CAT IT Mount Hooks
MT200 CAT Fusion Mount Hooks
MT300 JRB 416 Mount Hooks
MT500 Volvo Mount Hooks
MT600 Unpainted, Weld-on Loader Mount Kit
Features Benefits
Dual Pivot A-Frame Twice the strength, half the worries!
Massive Construction Designed for abuse from larger equipment, the AlphaPlow blade features continuous welded construction and weights of 185 per foot.
Trip Edge Protects machine and operator from hidden obstacles. Our trip edge is in two sections, so the whole blade doesn’t need to trip and full down pressure can we applied.
New Floating Loader Mounts Options available for most wheel loaders, including CAT Fusion, CAT IT, JRB 416 and more.